Please find below answers to frequent questions patient’s have about the Gastric Sleeve Surgery.


Do I qualify for the Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

In order to qualify for the Gastric Sleeve your BMI must be a minimum of 30. During your consultation with our surgeon, you will be assessed for your individual needs and our surgeon will make a recommendation whether or not they think the Gastric Sleeve is the correct surgery for you. Our doctor will assess your health status and medical history to determine if you are a good candidate for this surgery.

What is the cost of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Our current Summer special is for $15,999 which is a limited time offer. Financing is available.

How long is the Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Typically, the surgery takes 60 minutes. It may seem longer due to the time to put you to sleep and wake you up.

Am I asleep for the surgery?

Yes. You will be fully asleep for the surgery. Our experienced anaesthesia team will ensure you are safely monitored and kept comfortable during and after your Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

Will I have scars from the Surgery?

The surgery is done laparoscopically with a camera and small incisions. Patient’s typically have 4 small half centimeter incision and one incision about 1.5 cm. Once you are fully healed, they are often not noticeable.

How much time do I need off work?

We recommend patient’s take two weeks off work to recover from their surgery. In addition, we suggest avoiding lifting more than 10 lbs for 4 weeks to allow your incisions to fully heal.

Do I need to take a special diet prior to my Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

Many of our patients will take OPTIFAST for 2 weeks prior to surgery. This helps patient’s lose weight prior to surgery which shrinks their liver which helps with the ease of the operation.

Is financing available?

Yes. We can direct you to third parties that can provide financing for the Gastric Sleeve. We have no relationship with these companies. Many of our patients use Medicard:

What is the waiting time for the Surgery?

Generally, we can organize the surgery 2 weeks from the time you decide you want to do it. This will give use time to have pre-operative blood work, ECG and any other tests/evaluations needed prior to your surgery.

Is the Gastric Sleeve covered by OHIP?

The Gastric Sleeve is covered by OHIP under very specific situations as indicated below:

  1. Your BMI is greater than 60
  2. Significant scarring in your abdomen from previous surgery that prevents performing a gastric bypass surgery
  3. Certain medical conditions that prevent a Gastric Bypass surgery from being done safely.


If you are interested in an OHIP covered bariatric procedure you can ask your family doctor to refer you to the Ontario Bariatric Network to see if you qualify for the Gastric Bypass surgery.

Can I have a Gastric Sleeve surgery if I have a gastric band?

We  have performed many Gastric Sleeve surgeries in patients who have a gastric band. We remove the gastric band, than we perform the Gastric Sleeve surgery at the same time.  Many patients who have not had success with their gastric band, have lost significant weight when we remove the band and perform a Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

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