We are proud to offer the world famous OPTIFAST® meal replacement program at The Peel Weight Loss Clinic. We have helped hundreds of patients lose significant weight and keep it off. The OPTIFAST® program has over 30 years of data helping patients achieve sustained weight loss. There are three phases to the program. There is the active weight loss phase, the transition phase and the long-term maintenance phase. One of the reasons our patients like the program and have had success with it is that it is easy to prepare. In addition, OPTIFAST® takes out food choice and counting calories that’s often needed in certain diet programs. So the simplicity is also one the most appealing features of the OPTIFAST® Program.

Typical Results from our 6-month Core Program 1

The OPTIFAST® program SUCCEEDS by combining the expertise of Physicians & Dieticians with a high-quality, calorie-controlled, nutritional formula in a program that treats the whole person, not just the weight.

30 lb

Average Weight Loss*


Average Decrease in Cholesterol 2,3


Average Decrease in Blood Glucose 2,4


Average Decrease in Blood Pressure 2,3

Long-term Results

In studies, over 50% of patients maintained their weight loss after 5 years! 5

OPTIFAST® Long Term Results

Program Options

6 months

Core Program Recommended for most of our patients.

3 months

For patients returning to the program or those who need a shorter option.


We also offer a DISTANCE PROGRAM for patients who live in remote locations or cannot attend sessions in-person for any reason.

Learn more about the Distance Program

How It Works

The OPTIFAST® Program is based on the use of meal replacements during the Active Weight Loss phase of the program.

Simple and effective, OPTIFAST® meal replacements allow you to benefit from:

  • High-quality, complete nutrition pre-portioned and calorie-controlled servings;
  • quick and simple preparation;
  • freedom from having to make food choices.

Positive change can occur very quickly. In addition to losing weight, you will improve your health; learn new, healthier eating habits; and engage in activities so that when you return to self-prepared foods, you are better equipped to manage your weight long term.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Program?

The Core Program is typically 6 months but can vary depending on each patients unique needs. This will be discussed with you during your initial consultation.

OHIP - Is the OPTIFAST® Weight Management Program Covered?

All appointments with physicians are covered by OHIP. However, the OPTIFAST® meal replacement program is not and can be purchased for a reasonable price. In many cases, these expenses can be covered by extended benefits and health savings accounts.


This will be assessed during your initial consultation with your physician. Generally speaking patients whose BMI is greater than 30 or BMI greater than 27 and less than 30 but with obesity related health issues will qualify.

Do I require a referral to be seen?

We encourage you to discuss your weight loss goals with your family doctor, however, it is not required to have a referral.

Do you guarantee results?

No, we do not. Multiple studies have shown that the OPTIFAST® program has led to medically significant weight loss in thousands of patients worldwide since it was created in 1974. However, we cannot guarantee what level of impact it would have on any individual participant, due to variations in lifestyle, habits, and other factors. If you have any concerns, please schedule a consultation with one of our medical experts to discuss your case in more detail.

How do I book an appointment?

Please call or email us.

* OPTIFAST® patients who actively participate in a 26-week medically-monitored program typically lose approximately 30 lbs. Individual results may vary.

1 Ard JD, Lewis KH, Rothberg A, et al. Effectiveness of a total meal replacement program (OPTIFAST® program) on weight loss: results from the OPTIWIN study. Obesity. 2018; doi: 10.1002/oby.22303.

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