How the PWLC OPTIFAST CORE PROGRAM can help you achieve a Healthy Weight

The OPTIFAST core program is a medical grade meal replacement product. Numerous studies have shown that Meal Replacement programs lead to significantly more weight loss compared to traditional diets.  Some of the features of the OPTIFAST program that will help you achieve a healthier weight include:

  • Stimulus narrowing: Less food choices decrease appetite and food consumption
  • Stimulus control: When you are using the OPTIFAST program food triggers are avoided
  • The shakes control and limit your portion size
  • Structured program which helps limit snacking and increased calorie consumption
  • The OPTIFAST shakes are easy to prepare and portable
  • High protein content leads to greater satiation
  • Avoids having to use excessive time on calorie counting

If you are interested to see if our OPTIFAST program is a good fit for you, please book a consultation with our physician.

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