5 Delicious Smoothies to Help You Lose Weight

Feb 24, 2017
Dr. Pavi Kundhal
5 Delicious Smoothies to Help You Lose Weight - Peel Weight Loss Clinic Blog
Weight loss tactics, especially when it comes to diet, can be very tricky at times. Fruit juices were once considered a healthy diet option but now because of their high sugar and low fiber content. Healthy smoothies have stolen the limelight, providing healthy, filling and most importantly, delicious meal replacement options.

Over the last few years, smoothies have been a revolution in weight loss regimes, helping individuals consume otherwise ‘not-so-tasty’ foods as revamped drinks. The freedom that these drinks are effective to drink with respect to healthy add-ons like nuts, honey and natural spreads.

Here is the list of 5 spectacular smoothies that can help you shed those last few pounds:

Watermelon Mint Smoothie

Calories per serving: 98

Ingredients (serves 1):
a. 2 cups seedless watermelon chopped
b. 2 tablespoons fresh mint
c. 1/3 cup 2% plain Greek yogurt

This minty smoothie has a low calorie count and is a perfect pick-me-up for when you need some refreshment throughout the day.

Apple-Cinnamon-Coconut Smoothie

Calories per serving: 185

Ingredients (serves 2):
a. 1 cup coconut milk or coconut water
b. 1 granny smith apple, chopped
c. 1 banana
d. 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
e. 1 cup ice

Apple and cinnamon are a match made in heaven. The coconut milk can be substituted by regular low fat milk based on preference, you can also add spinach (essentially tasteless) to this smoothie for added fat burning qualities.

Pina Colada Smoothie

Calories per serving: 115

Ingredients (serves 3):
a. 1 cup lite coconut milk
b. 2 cups pineapple chunks
c. 2 tablespoons honey, optional
d. Enough ice to make it slushy

Another one for coconut lovers – this Pina Colada smoothie is an absolute winner because of its light texture and extremely low calorie content, making it a perfect drink to pair with a not-so-heavy meal, any time of the day!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie

Calories per serving: 214

Ingredients (serves 3):
a. 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
b. 3 tablespoons smooth peanut butter
c. 1 cup low-fat milk
d. 1 frozen banana
e. 1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt, fat-free
f. 2 tablespoons coconut palm sugar
g. 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

The chocolate peanut butter smoothie is a popular favorite because of its indulgent nature. While the chocolate and peanut butter do the palate-pleasing, the banana and Greek yogurt add solid nutritional elements in the form of protein and potassium.

Strawberry-Beet Smoothie

Calories per serving: 147

Ingredients (serves 2):
a. 4 beets – cooked and peeled
b. 2 cups unsweetened coconut water
c. 2 cups frozen strawberries
d. 1 lime – juiced

Beets and strawberries are known for their health benefits. They cut fat by default. The only issue with making this smoothie is that the beets need to be peeled and cooked beforehand. Otherwise, this is a perfect pre-workout drink, since the nitrate in beets have been proven to help people exercise for 16% longer periods.

Keep in mind
The calorie count for these diet smoothies have been calculated accounting for low-fat ingredients like Greek yogurt, unsweetened coconut milk, low fat milk, natural peanut butter, palm sugar and so on. When regular products are used instead, the calorie content will inevitably go up by a 100 or so calories.

Individual results may vary

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