truSculpt iD is the PREMEIR technology in Body Sculpting

The team at the Peel Weight Loss Clinic did extensive research when deciding which non-surgical technology to help our patients with fat reduction and achieving the body they desire. We based our evaluation on clinical efficacy, patient safety and patient convenience.

What sets truSculpt iD apart from the competition includes:

  • It is the ONLY technology that both reduces fat and TIGHTENS skin. This is important as if fat is only reduced but skin not tightened you may not achieve the aesthetic result desired
  • truSculpt iD is a skin surface applied device. There is no suctioning of tissue into a cup. Consequently, almost all areas of the body can be targeted. This will result in a smooth surface. With other technologies, if the fat cannot be suctioned into the device then fat reduction cannot occur. This is an important consideration when choosing between technologies.
  • Multiple areas can be targeted in only 15 minutes!! This saves our patients time with minimal inconvenience to their busy schedules
  • This is a non-surgical treatment with no needles or incisions
  • truSculpt iD can treat all areas of the body which include calves, arms, thighs, under the chin, abdomen, flank  areas of the body)

Please book a free consultation to see if truSculpt iD is right for you to help you achieve your fat reduction and skin tightening goals.

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