Why OPTIFAST® works?

Jul 16, 2016
Dr. Pavi Kundhal
Why OPTIFAST® works? - Peel Weight Loss Clinic Blog
Eliminating Choices To Achieve Your Goals

One of the biggest struggles patients has when trying to achieve a healthy weight is making food choices. This is often a barrier to begin your healthy weight journey. OPTIFAST® simplifies this process.

By being a medical grade meal replacement with the appropriate amount of macro and micronutrients it can meet your daily requirements and still having you feel full. The simplicity of OPTIFAST® is one of its strengths. You know to take a shake for breakfast, lunch and dinner and split one for a snack.

Ease of Use

In addition, the shakes are easy to prepare and there are many recipes that PWL has that makes it tastier and adds variety to the shakes. Furthermore, the shakes are easy to transport and prepare and are ideal for a fast lunch and healthy snack choice.

Simple and Tasty

The OPTIFAST® shakes are very tasty and come in a chocolate and vanilla flavour. Some patients add ice to make it into a shake or add low calories sweetener. In addition, while taking OPTIFAST® patients can have certain broths, vegetable and coffee with sweetener. These details will be provided once enrolled in the program. Our experience has been once patients get past the first week, they get used to the OPTIFAST shakes and feel quite full and their desire for unhealthy foods decreases.

Support from Community and Clinic

The success of the program is not just the shakes! Critical pieces include close weight monitoring with weekly weigh-ins. This is critical to keep you accountable. Studies have shown frequent touch points with your weight loss clinic greatly increases one’s chances of success. In addition, come to regular meeting with our weight loss expert physician helps keep you on track. At, Peel Weight Loss Clinic we encourage you to take advantage of weigh-ins, class room session and physician expertise.

OPTIFAST® CORE at PWL Can Help You Maintain your Success

In addition, to ensure your long-term success, after you have completed your OPTIFAST shakes we monitor you very closely in our MAINTENANCE phase to ensure you maintain your weight loss goals even when you return back to normal healthy meals. We have you meet with your dietician to design a healthy sustainable diet for you to continue on day to day. In addition, we offer healthy food products in our inventory for you to use if you are struggling to find those healthy food choices at your grocery stores.

If you are interested in our program please feel free to book a consultation with one of our physician experts to see if OPTIFAST® can work for you.

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