Why PWLC is your BEST choice for Body Sculpting

When choosing  a body sculpting clinic it is very important to trust the team that will be looking after you and the approach and philosophy of the physicians caring for you.

Our physician team at the Peel Weight Loss Clinic includes a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and an Obesity Medicine Specialist. We will evaluate every patient from an aesthetic and weight loss standpoint to help you achieve the body you desire. It is very important to ensure qualified physicians are caring for you to ensure your body contouring is done is the most efficacious and safe manner. Selecting the right patient for the right treatment is critical to ensure success. We will evaluate your personal needs and determine whether you will benefit from body contouring, liposuction, general weight loss or another procedure. As we offer the full spectrum of aesthetic procedures we will only recommend body contouring for you if we think you will truly benefit from it.

In addition, to medical expertise we strongly believe that trusculpt iD is the premier body contouring technology available. It not only leads to fat reduction but tightens skin also during the same procedure. There is no downtime or incisions avoiding the recovery time of more invasive procedures.

Please free to book a complimentary consultation with our physician experts to see if truSculpt iD can help you achieve the body you desire!

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