• Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. This will allow you to stay well hydrated and consequently you will minimize consumption of calorie laden beverages with no nutritional value
  • Small dietary changes lead to significant weight loss over time.  3500 calories is equivalent to one pound of weight. So to lose a pound in a month, one must decrease consumption by  120 calories a day. This is roughly equivalent to not having one pop of can a day. Over a year this would translate to 12 pound of weight loss!!
  • Change your dinner plates to a smaller size. This will cause you to have smaller portions and also overtime change your expectations of how much food constitutes a meal
  • Do NOT eat in front of the TV. When one eats while distracted it is very easy to overeat as you are not aware of how much you are consuming and you will not be able to pick up cues from your body that you are full
  • When you eat your meals, always eat the protein first. This is important as you want to eat food with bulk as it will cause your stomach to get full faster and you feel satiated sooner and consequently eat less.  This then leaves less space in your stomach for empty and nutritionally deplete calories from refined carbohydrates
  • Avoid drinking your calories. Liquid calories have very little nutritional value and they do not cause your stomach to feel full and cause satiety
  • Do not skip meals. Skipping meals is a sure fire way to gain weight and over eat. Firstly, when you skip meals your body shifts into starvation mode which causes your bodies metabolism to slow down. Furthermore, by the time you eat you are feeling starved and as a result you will overeat. Eating three healthy balanced meals with two snacks daily is the best way to minimize calories consumption and lose weight in a safe and sustainable fashion.

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