Ghrelin and the Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve causes you to lose weight in two ways:

  1. It decreases the capacity of the stomach and as a result you become full faster
  2. The top portion of the stomach called the fundus is removed. This is the part of the stomach that secretes the “hunger hormone” Ghrelin

Ghrelin is produced by the fundus and is released in your blood stream and acts on a part of the brain called they hypothalamus. It plays a critical role in regulating one’s appetite.

When Ghrelin is secreted it acts to increase your “hunger cravings” which leads to increased food intake and subsequent weight gain.  Increasing levels of ghrelin  leads to more food cravings.

Studies have shown Ghrelin productions drops off after the sleeve gastrectomy as the fundus which is the  Ghrelin secreting part of your stomach has been removed. This plays a key role in your weight loss after your gastric sleeve.  Subjectively, many patient’s tell us after their gastric sleeve their hunger cravings and emotional triggers to eat are greatly reduced.

To see how the Gastric Sleeve can help you achieve wellness and health please book your free consultation today. The Peel Weight Loss Clinic is pleased to provide the Gastric Sleeve surgery to patient’s all over Ontario and Canada.

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